Welcome to the BattBag On the go Power Project!

On the go Power Project!

ReCHARGABLE & Portable
12volt DC Power Modules

for CPAP, Medical, RV, Marine, Outdoor, Mobile, Computing and Entertainment Devices!

Maintenance Free BattBag

Handcrafted Double Layered Canvas or Polyester-Urethane Coated 600 Denier, Magna Tough Plus polyester with a durable water repelant, urethane coated finish. A Choice of Rechargeable Long-Life Lithium Polymer or Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. Customized Bag Design and Electronics to suit most needs.

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BattBag Pockets

Convenient accessory pockets to put charging adapter and/or general multimedia devices such as memory sticks, thumb drives, bluetooth adapters and perhaps even a notebook mouse.

Eco-Friendly & Quiet

Use the BattBag to store excess energy during generator on times and rest at night with just the sounds of the forest! Recharge mobile devices, increase up to four times the extended run time of a laptop computer, power a portable medical CPAP device or portable DvD/CD players and speakers.

Easily packed around in your camper, backpack or even on horseback for those deep wilderness journeys.

Great for Camping, Power Outages
and Portable Lights

Works with any 12volt DC appliance that runs from a car power adapter. Optionally you can keep it charged up, when not in use, by simply attaching a 12volt 1amp (SLA) or 2amp (LiPo) rated Solar Panel Charger during the sunny days. The basic package includes a 120 volt AC charger for use on a generator or standard household plug-in.

BattBag Chargers

Accessories work best when used with the manufacturer’s recommended 12-volt DC automotive power jack adapter for the intended appliance or device. The adapter, solar panel, generator, etc. are not included and must be purchased separately! These units are not intended for applications that would draw more than a steady 2amp current, with a peak handling of 5amp.

See Chart A for approximate run-times on different models.

Wholesale Programs

Choose from having a demo unit where you earn an affiliate commission of 10+% on the Sale Price and we handle the details, OR volume purchases of 5 or more units to put stock at your finger tips when you need it. Volume purchase orders also have the option of having the BattBags monogrammed with a company logo and/or personalized naming. Call us today for pricing if your interested in becoming a direct wholesaler or an affiliate member.

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for wholesale pricing!

Our Research Lab

Contact Us for special projects, such as, Travel Trailer conversions, Lithium Polymer based Uninterupptable Power Supplies for Small to Large size backup energy storage projects, or other Power Isolation of Backup/Recovery RAID Servers. We have many years of experience with both computers, control systems, inverters and other battery based power sources. Capacities sizes, voltages and ampere specifications are researched on a case by case basis. This is the same technology that is in use for modern electric cars.

Model Specifications & 1Photos

12v Lithium Polymer

High Capacity BattBagOur Lightweight High Power Lithium Polymer BattBags are made with Polyester-Urethane Coated 600 Denier, Magna Tough Plus fabric in a variety of colors including camo. Weatherproof and durable, without a heavy steel case to cart around.

Fully Rechargeable, Deep Cycle and Long Life. These units are available in sizes of 20Ah, 40Ah and 60Ah. The 60Ah (amp/hour) model has 6X the run time of the standard 14.4Ah SLA model. That's a whole extra day or two without having to run a generator for a CPAP device!

approx. dimensions (20Ah model),
26cm(10")L x 16cm(6")W x 16cm(6")H

approx. shipping weight
@ 3kgs (6.6lbs) ea.

Includes Charger and Safety Manual.

SKU V3.200LifePo412
20Ah - $499 ea. MSRP

SKU V3.400LifePo412
40Ah - $699 ea. MSRP

SKU V3.600LifePo412
60Ah - $999 ea. MSRP


12v Sealed Lead Acid

Handcrafted Canvas Carry Bag, SLA Battery Pack, 12v Battery Charger, Instruction & Safety Sheet

12v 14.4Ah Sealed Lead Acid

This is a medical industry base standard unit for CPAP devices.

Compare Our Prices and models to other SLA CPAP battery packs! This is our customizable, standard unit, at our best wholesale price, with identical components!

approx. Dimensions
36cm(14")L x 17cm(6½")W x 14cm(5½")H

approx. Shipping Weight
@ 6kgs (13.2lbs) ea.

Model No. V2.144SLA12, MSRP

$249 ea. (discontinued)

Charge Level MeterOptional charge level meter for the SLA models, displays battery status.

(250) 315-8247
for more info!

Costs vs. Options

Compare prices as a Cost per Amp Hour and we are not only the best price but we have the best options! We provide an innovative, stylish, lightweight, customized solution for your patients or customers with an attractive price. Give us a call and let us help choose the right solution and options that are right for you.


Color Swatches

1 May not be exactly as shown, colors are optional based on availability, we are constantly updating our designs and electronics, call for an on-site demonstration and news on the latest BattBAG™ designs.


Run-times vary greatly depending on the electronics efficiency rating, air pressure (CPAP, etc.), humidifier settings and overall workload. Calculate the amperes for your application and refer to the chart below for continuous steady discharge ratings. If the unit has energy saving features, this will greatly improve run-times. Using an inverter to convert the power to 120volt household current is not recommended as this greatly decreases the run-times and puts a heavier load on the discharge.

Current Draw
12Volts DC

Approx. run-time,
14.4Ah 12VDC SLA model, to 65% discharged.

Approx. run-time,
20Ah 12VDC Lithium model, deep cycle.

Approx. run-time,
60Ah 12VDC Lithium model, deep cycle.

0.5 18.7 36.0 108.0
0.6 15.6 30.0 90.0
0.7 13.4 25.7 77.1
0.8 11.7 22.5 67.5
0.9 10.4 20.0 60.0
1.0 9.4 18.0 54.0
1.1 8.5 16.4 49.1
1.2 7.8 15.0 45.0
1.3 7.2 13.8 41.5
1.4 6.7 12.8 38.6
1.5 6.2 12.0 36.0
1.6 5.8 11.3 33.8
1.7 5.5 10.6 31.8
1.8 5.2 10.0 30.0
1.9 4.9 9.5 28.4
2.0 4.7 9.0 27.0
[ * 1A (amp) = 1000mA (milliamps) ]

Average CPAP Device

Typical Notebook Computer

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